Thred Taper Speeds Production, Cuts Cost & Minimizes Product Failure

World’s Only Automatic Taping Machine Eliminates Time Consuming, Inconsistent Hand Wrapping of Parts & Fittings

ThredTaper LogoCLEVELAND, OH, March 21, 2011 –Thred Taper, a division of Federal Process Corporation, has released the world’s only automatic PTFE tape wrapping solution, the Thred Taper machine, ideal for use in any MRO or general industrial business. The Thred Taper machine speeds production, reduces cost and eliminates product failures associated with time-consuming hand wrapping.

“The Thred Taper machine is an ideal solution for any industrial shop that’s wasting time hand-wrapping parts or fittings,” said Marc Mendoza, Thred Taper product manager. “A customer recently wrapped 1,300 parts in four hours, a feat that couldn’t have been accomplished without the Thred Taper machine.”

The Thred Taper machine applies PTFE tape to most fittings in seconds, increasing productivity and component reliability while saving as much as 500 percent on tape consumption.

Components wrapped by the Thred Taper machine provide a consistent seal that can be immediately pressure tested. Using a thick PTFE Thred Taper sealant tape, the machine requires less material than standard tape-wrapping processes. It also provides deeper application of tape into the thread roots, resulting in a higher quality seal.

Available now, the sealant tape-wrapping machine uses a carefully calibrated PTFE tape dispenser that reduces material usage and waste by precisely controlling the number of wraps per fitting. The dispenser applies 3/16-in., ¼-in., 3/8-in. or ½-in. PTFE tape to American Tapered, British Straight and Metric threads ranging from 1/8-in. to 2-in. NPT.

For additional production information, to request a Thred Taper machine demo, or to place an order, please call (800) 846-7325 or visit

Thred Taper markets and manufacturers the world’s only automatic PTFE tape wrapping machine, the Thred Taper, engineered specifically for the MRO, plumbing, hardware and general industrial markets. Thred Taper also offers a machine-specific brand of PTFE sealing tape. Thred Taper is a Federal Process Company and is based in Cleveland.


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